Patterns of the world” series is an edition to a cool gifts program intended to add value to every innovative and modern bookstore. Each product of the series is created with the idea in mind that there is a unique gift for every special person in our lives. And these products are perfect items for all travellers, dreamers, storytellers, explorers, artists and all those who appreciate beautiful and creative design.

The “Patterns of the world” series includes various sizes and variations of notebooks, paper bags and posters, inspired from the traditions of different parts of the world and different civilizations. The beauties of the world are experienced through the uniquely creative designs, whereas each of the items is dedicated to a significant piece of art of a selected culture.

Hard cover with smooth finish / Die-cut / large format size: 150x207mm / 70 gr. drawing paper

Hard cover with smooth finish / small format size: 105x148mm / 70 gr. drawing paper